Job Aid Tools improve how the users serve their clients at community level

Job Aid Tools improve how the users serve their clients at community level

In rhis blog, we try to give readers an understanding of how the eMIS apps are helping their users to discharge their responsibilities effectively. In these mHealth apps, a lot of functionalities have been added innovatively. The users can discharge their responsibilities effectively using these tools. In a previous blog, we narrated the benefits of notification in apps. Here we discuss the job aid tools (in FWA eRegister, called supervisory tools in the FPI eSupervision System). These apps are parts of eMIS ecosystem of apps and applications. These functionalities were made possible due to conversion of paper forms into digital format. Both the apps are integrated. Real-time connections through a cloud server and databases allow the users to retrieve data for monitoring purposes.

The Family Welfare Assistants (FWA), as community level workers under the Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP), visit households to provide service or collect data. The Family Planning Inspectors (FPI) supervise their work, which include on-site inspection. The job aid or supervisory tools, acting as reminders and alerts, support the users in numerous ways. We explain each below.

Job aid tools

The job aid tools allow the users to access the following list: a) pregnant women whose expected dates of delivery or EDDs are within the next 7 days, b) list of pregnant women identified as at risk, c) method wise list of eligible couples or ELCOs, d) Status of ELCO visits. It also allows them to raise a ticket seeking support in case of any technical difficulties. The users are adept at using these tools.

Ms. Homaira Akter Mili, Family Welfare Assistant, Hasnabad union, Monoharganj upazila, Cumilla narrated her experience of using the job aid tools.

I use job aid tools regularly. I am benefited a lot from this tool. Each day, I can retrieve the list of pregnant women who are expected to deliver within next 7 days. Then I use the list to contact and serve them. I can see the list of those pregnancies identified as at risk and counsel them accordingly. I visit households in my catchment area in rounds. I can review my visit status especially, those I have missed out and quickly visit them. I get access to a list of those who are on different family planning methods. I can find out how many of them are on which method. I can find out the dropouts from previous methods as well and visit them.

Homaira Akter Mili, FWA, Cumilla.

Supervisory aid tools

The supervisory aid tools come up with the following functionalities: a) collection of ANC data, b) list of EDD expired women, c) post-natal data collection, d) new born data collection, e) ELCOs not visited for more than 3 months, f) progress of population registration (by FWAs) and List of ELCOs by methods. They can also report software problems by raising a support ticket.

Md. Tariqul Islam, FPI, Gharinda union, Tangail Sadar upazila, Tangail explained how the tools have improved the way they function in the field.

Tarikul Islam, FPI, Gharinda union,, Tangail Sadar upazila

I use it frequently; I might say I use the supervisory tools all the time. Specifically, I can use the tool to supervise each FWA of the union. I can see whether the FWAs are visiting the ELCOs according to their advance work plan and whether they are completing their rounds (or visiting households) regularly. I can find out who are not doing so and discuss with them to make progress. The list of EDD expired women or the list of newborn are also very helpful in discharging our responsibilities. There are potentials to improve the tool further as it is a digital one.

Md. Tariqul Islam, FPI, Tangail

In addition to job aid tools and notification, the eMIS apps provide many other features like automating monthly report generation and submission through officially hierarchies, which we covered here.

English representations of the apps interfaces (screenshots) regarding job aid and supervisory tools are added below.

Screenshot - FWA eRegister - Job Aid Tools
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