16 10, 2017

FWA eRegister

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FWA eRegister for Family Welfare Assistants (FWAs), who work under DGFP, is an electronic version of the existing paper based FWA Register. The app is used in a Tablet and works both offline and online.

16 10, 2017

Family Welfare Assistant (FWA) e-Register

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15 10, 2017

FPI eSupervision System

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FPI eSupervision System is a supervisory tool. It has been developed for use by the Family Planning Inspectors for supervision of work performed by Family Welfare Assistants.

15 09, 2016

Electronic FWA and HA Register

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This factsheet, published in 2016, describes how the app could be used by rural health workers providing family planning and health care services in the communities.